Gas Safe LogoThe Gas Safe Register is the official UK gas registration body. It replaced CORGI in 2009. This is a listing of all businesses registered by the organisation to work legally and safely on all types of gas appliances. All gas engineers must, by law, be registered.

Duty to the Public

The organisation is committed to protecting the public from unsafe or illegal gas work. Members will conduct routine inspections of those who are registered to ensure they are complying with all rules. They also conduct investigations following any reports of unsafe work or illegal gas workers.

The Gas Register website offers information on safety around these appliances and tips about how to make certain a worker or business is registered. The website offers information on what to do in a gas emergency.

Some of the other tasks they perform is issuing Building Regulation Certificates and Gas Safety Records. These both should be issued by a registered engineer following the installation of an appliance or after fitting, servicing or checking the safety of an appliance.

The Register offers reminders for residents and landlords regarding routine safety checks. These help reduce the chances of carbon monoxide poisoning or other unhealthy malfunctions of stoves, heaters, and flues. Landlords must have all items checked yearly and obtain Gas Safety Records. Sign up online through the website to receive these important reminders.

Gas Safe Registration

It is important to make sure any engineer hired to do work is registered. It is illegal for anyone to work on gas appliances without registration because of how dangerous gas can be. There could be leaks, fires or explosions so before you hire anyone check the register. You may look up a business or a worker by location or by name or, if you know it, their registration number.

Should you have difficulty finding any information from the Register, do not carry on with the work. If you suspect or find anyone performing gas work without proper registration, contact the Register to have an investigation conducted.

Gas Safe registered engineers always have registration cards on them. Ask to see if before they enter your home or a property which you manage. If you are a renter, you must also check their ID before allowing them inside.

Remember that no engineer can legally work without registration. Do not let anyone without ID enter the home to perform repairs or installations. It could put you and everyone inside at risk due to the nature of gas itself.

The Register is available to help you any time you have questions or concerns. If you notice warning signs such as an appliance not working correctly or burning with a yellow flame rather than a bright blue flame, contact a registered gas engineer for help. Check the online registry to find someone near you.

Other signs that indicate a dangerous problem is at hand include stains or black marks around the appliance or the pilot light going out. These could mean more serious problems might happen.

Before problems occur, always stick to a regular gas appliance check by a registered engineer. They visit the home to make sure all gas is adjusted and all appliances are properly suited to a room in which they are located. They also make sure everything is connected to the pipework and that there is enough air around the appliance.

The registered engineer will also inspect flues and chimneys. These checks help prolong the life and efficiency of gas appliances. They also prevent fires, leaks or explosions.

The Gas Safe Register is always available to help consumers with any concerns or problems. Keep their website or phone number nearby.